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Although many of us may still be un-decking the halls from Christmas, that certainly won’t stop Valentine’s Day from steadily creeping up. When it comes to Valentine’s Day the little things always tend to have the greatest impact, but so can dropping your beau a few helpful hints. The following gift ideas are all made in the USA, and all have a needed pinch of sappiness to reach the desired effect.


1. Fluffy Co Two-sided Heart Tote $49, Made in USA.
2. Love Ring $32, Made in Diamond Bar, California.
3. Wit and Whistle Personalized Valentine Card Decoder $5, Made in North Carolina.
4. Uncommon Goods Heart Coffee Scoop $24, Handmade in Massachusetts.
5. Emily Elizabeth Jewelry Punk Love Studs $35, Made in New York, New York.
6. Maya Brenner Straight as an Arrow Bracelet $78-$170, Made in Los Angeles, California.
7. Noodle & Boo All of My Heart Soap $15, Made in USA.
8. Simpatico Hobnail Candle $28, Made in USA.
9. Crystal Swirl Brooch Bobbi $130, Made in Los Angeles.
10. Only Hearts So Fine Lace Chemise $90, Made in USA.
11. Lily Gene Home is Where the Heart is $30, Made in California.