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The sock monkey people wear matching sock outfits and you can too. Cutest androg baby gift ever, $24.99 each

This is not an article about alternatives for your bored hockey nights- surely you have an imagination.

This is about the night of the Sharp magazine for men party when I met Tony Pook and Kevin McCotter, the creative team behind Canuck accessories brand Pook whose novelty sock products you may (very likely) have come across.

You’ll want to know that Tony and Kevin had themselves a fine evening enjoying the Sharp festivities and telling me about their successful crazy business that all started with a hockey sock and now counts as their ‘real’ job, if you can call it that (as many of us in this modern day in age wonder about the ‘realness’ and ponder the advice from our high school counselor). But I digress (even if it’s in parentheses . Surely you’ve seen the sock people dolls, although granted they look more like monkeys.

Tony and Kevin call it the “hocky sockey” collection: the iconic red-striped grey and cream hockey sock sewn up into toques, mittens, scarves and also available as plain tradish socks. It was fun speaking fashion and femme style with the guys and it was then that I heard that they make one helluva pair of thigh-high socks. Sexy to say the least. Well I guess I had to have them since they are rather fun, so they sent them to me along with all kinds of sockey goodies:

Pook sock mittens

I actually really like the Pook sock mittens ($24.99)

The Pook hats

The Pook hats are lined with fleece and are reversible. $24.99 at

This knee-length sock is probably the most fun

Wear them straight up

See? the Pook hat flipped inside out now delivers cute ear flaps


Our favourite way to wear the toe sock look- tied in a top knot

Thanks Tony and Kevin for the loot!

Images by me.