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Visibility is one of important considerations for people to get tattoos. There is no make up that could hide your small tattoo inside or behind the ear, just like ear piercing. It’s sensitive to get the one as ear tattoo is much visible on the body.

Small Ear tattoo is a perfect choice for those who love tattoos so much and want to use tattoos to express themselves. It’s normally not the first tattoo for people to get. It looks weird and you will see minimalist style of a lot of popular small tattoo ideas in or behind ears. Music note, flower, feather, bow, etc. are good subjects for ear tattoos.

It’s getting more and more popular to get an ear tattoo as celebrity Miley Cyrus got a “Love” tattoo inside of her right ear.


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A swallow Tattoo is one of birds tattoos which has rich meanings. People love swallow tattoos for both their traditional meanings and cute designs. Of British origin in the early days of sailing, swallow tattoos were once popular among sailors to show off their sailing experience, and express their hope to come home safely. When sailors saw a swallow they knew that land was near.

A swallow is also such a lovely bird that chooses a mate for life and only nests with its loved one. Swallow tattoos also signify love, loyalty and fidelity. For this meaning, swallow tattoos become one of popular tattoo ideas for girls and women. Wearers are often inked with two loving swallows or with a loving heart.

Traditionally, sailors inked their swallow tattooed onto their chests. Now the placement of tattooing has not been limited to chest. Due to the fact of its cute size, a swallow tattoo could be inked on chest, back,wrist, neck, or even behind the ear…Choose a small swallow tattoo designs for yourself.


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Cats are beloved pets of many people. There are a lot of unforgotten memories left with the cute and funny animals. Cat tattoo is often practiced by women as it’s considered as a typical tattoo idea for women, not only for its symbolic meaning, but also for its behavior and characteristics.

Cats have a tendency to be more independent. They are quieter than dogs. Cats are funnier and funny as they sometimes act like high-status characters. As an ancient symbolic Celtic animal, the cat represents the guardian of the Otherworld. Cat tattoo connects to the inspiration of clever, intelligent, intuitive, etc.

Cat tattoos are often inked in cute and minimalist style, which are much popular tattoo ideas among women. Some are in tribal style and some rendered as realistic animals.


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Climbing down the legs of Mrs. originality.

Tattoos are something more than just lines drawn on a body: they are the mirror of a personality. Just like someone can own a poetic spirit, an original talent or a funny attitude, tattoos can also be poetic, original, funny and much more. In this gallery you will encounter some of the funniest tattoos you’ve ever seen, real pieces of art that will make you laugh and that will also push your imagination towards new horizons.

Maybe, you will even be inspired by some of the artists you will meet as you run through the images, one by one. Colourful characters, beautiful drawings, references to famous animated series or video-games… you will even find two people who decided to play together, creating tattoos that really make sense only if you connect the lines that start on the skin of one person and end up on the body of the other (which is quite romantic if you think about it).

Anyway, have fun. This will be a wonderful, funny journey!

Small heart tattoos


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Tattoo is not only a great way to express individuals but also a nice way to show union of friends or sisters. Sisters can be fun and aggravating, but the bonds between siblings are unbreakable. Many sisters love to ink meaningful identical tattoos on their body. These tattoos will go with them for life, just like their sisterhood.

Sister tattoos are often cute and small matching tattoos to celebrate the relationship of love, kinship and eternal. There are a lot of tattoo ideas could be used as sister tattoos.


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Tattoos are getting popular in the United States. A lot of women are getting tattooed for apparent reasons – it could make them extremely girly and chic. Unlike nail polish or outfits, tattoo is very personal and meaningful.

Why tattoo makes girly? There are plenty of small tattoo ideas for feminine tattoos. Small tattoos like flying birds, rose tattoos, feather tattoos, quotes, etc. are all good ideas for feminine tattoos. Girly tattoos are cute and sweet. When you know the meanings behind, it’s definitely strong personal statement besides the girly style.


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Tattoos are loved by a lot people, incl. girls. There are a lot of reasons why girls love tattoos. A tattoo for girl is a link to fashion, attraction as well as symbolic meaning it carries.

To make it unique and absolutely attractive, make sure you have small tattoos ideas for Girls for option and get a REALLY good artist. Think about who you are trying to attract and what meaning the tattoo will express. If it is the first time for you to get tattoo, it’s the best to start with small tattoos, which looks cute and have chance to change.

Beautiful Heart Tattoos for Women
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Ribbon is a symbol widely being adopted by many groups or organizations to invoke awareness of their causes. Different colors represent different causes, of which most are awareness of diseases, e.g. red for AIDS awareness. So ribbon tattoos may be connected with the same causes, especially for praying of family members.

Nowadays, ribbon Tattoo has become a popular tattoo idea for women, perhaps because of it’s feminine appeal and variety of placements it can be inked. It is making a fashion statement of femininity.


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Birds are intimate friends of human being. Different birds carry different messages. That’s why bird tattoos are loved by many people with different preferences.

A blackbird transmits a message of blessings while a bluebird brings a sense of happiness. A hawk is a natural messenger while appearance of swallows represents good fortune. So you have a pool of small tattoo ideas with bird tattoos.


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A star is a non-convex five-pointed polygon which looks like a star. In modern world, two types of stars are widely used as an idea of star tattoo – Pentagram and Nautical Stars, which stand for hope, goals, protection, safe.

As for pentagram, it represents different meanings for points up or down. A downward facings pentagram is often seen as the sign of the Devil. Otherwise, the pentagram is often seen as a symbol of protection and balance.

As stars used to be utilized as navigation at night, Sailors would then ink nautical stars on them because they relied on the stars to take them to the right direction and they hoped their star tattoos would bring safety all their way.

Nowadays people love star tattoos maybe for different reasons other than their symbolic meanings, e.g., shooting stars, stars with other shapes. They may love star tattoos for their beauty. Shooting stars may capture a moment that left a lasting impression, a short romance, special event, anything that may have changed the one’s life.


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