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How to Set Up a Tattoo Gun Needle Depth?

Many people have a crush on the unique designs of tattoos and they prefer experienced tattoo artist to insert their preferred tattoo. Most of the tattoo artist like to explore loads of tattoo options and enhance their proficiency about how to get the best suitable best rotary tattoo machine without compromising their expectations. If you are a beginner to the tattoo profession and thinking about how to properly set up the tattoo gun needle depth, then you can focus on the following details. You will make a better-informed decision to efficiently use the tattoo machine.

How to Set Up a Tattoo Gun Needle Depth?

Why put tattoo needle depth is important?

Everyone with a lack of expertise in the tattoo machine thinks about how to efficiently use the overall functions of such machine. They have to be conscious about the needle depth at first. This is because a proper depth the needle goes into the skin is vital to get the safe and satisfying end result. It is the best suitable time to consider how deep a rotary tattoo machine needle can go into the skin.  In general, there are three layers of the skin. These three layers are epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Epidermis is composed of 5 sub layers. The tattoo needle has to properly penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin.

Many people especially beginners to the tattoo profession wish to know what happen when the depth of the needle inserted into the skin is too shallow. If they insert the needle into the skin shallow, then the needle penetrates into the sub layers of the epidermis and the tattoo ink bleeds out soon after the tattoo heals. This is mainly because ever-growing nature of the five sub layers of the epidermis in the direction of outward to the top. People suffer from unnecessary pain and infection when the tattoo needle goes deep into their skin. The dermis layer of the human skin is available between 1mm and 2mm.

Any tattoo machine can change the needle depth?

Advancements in the design and also production of the latest rotary tattoo machines in our time encourage everyone to explore features and benefits of such machines as comprehensive as possible. If you are a beginner to the tattoo and thinking about the successful approach to efficiently use the tattoo machine, then you have to be conscious about how to pick and order the right tattoo machine at first. This is worthwhile to buy the best-in-class nature of the tattoo machine with the facility to change the needle depth. The main tattoo needle options in our time are flat, magnum, round and stack.

Individuals who explore the foremost attractions of the rotary tattoo machine can make positive changes in their approach to compare and narrow down rotary tattoo machines. They can get the absolute assistance and ensure about how to be smart in their approach for tattoo machine shopping.  Out of the usual features of affordable tattoo machines on the market encourage everyone to directly choose and purchase one of these machines. You can focus on every aspect of the tattoo machine and enhance your expertise about how to be smart in your approach for the tattoo machine shopping.

Steps to set the tattoo machine needle depth

Practice is a key to be successful in your approach to find the right needle depth. You have to improve your proficiency about different skin types and practice tattooing on a regular basis. This is advisable to join in the apprenticeship program under a qualified professional and enhance your expertise in the tattooing process. If you are familiarize yourself with the tattoo gun and needles, then you have to learn about the tattooing process as comprehensive as possible. You require learning human anatomy associated with tattooing. Focus on the following details and enhance the tattooing process further.

    • Remove the needle from the sterilized package and bend such needle as gently as possible to let the arcs slightly.
    • Hold your tattoo equipment at the top as well as bottom prior to inserting the needle via the front and connecting the needle to the bar in the tattoo gun.
    • Install the needle tube by properly sliding it up and also over the needle.
    • Double-check that needle tip never come into contact with the needle tube’s sides.
    • Position the needle tube and let the needle protrudes slightly
    • Turn the bar clockwise to tighten the lock and secure the needle tube
    • Set the needle depth
    • Test the needle depth before tattooing by experimenting on a grapefruit


If the grapefruit’s skin shreds, then the needle’s depth is too deep.

How to Set Up a Tattoo Gun Needle Depth?


Choose and buy the best tattoo machine

Different brands of advanced yet user-friendly rotary tattoo machines are available on the market at this time. You may wish to choose and buy one of the most appropriate tattoo machines within your budget. You have to be conscious about how to be successful in your approach to identify and order the right tattoo machine on time. Experts in the tattoo machines nowadays assist everyone who seeks how to be smart in their approach to learn tattooing process and how to buy the best tattoo machine at the competitive price.

There are loads of important things to consider while buying the best rotary tattoo machine on online. You can read honest reviews of leading brands of tattoo machines in the rotary type and enhance your expertise about how to successfully pick and order one of these tattoo machines. Setting the suitable needle depth on your rotary tattoo machine is a vital part of the successful tattooing process. This is because the needle of the tattoo machine has to penetrate only to the skin’s upper most layers, but not to the second layer of the skin.


Every user of the tattoo machine nowadays gets more than expected benefits. They are happy about the user-friendly design and efficient nature of the tattoo machine. Every feature of this rotary tattoo machine plays an important role behind 100% satisfaction of all users and the best result for such users on a regular basis.