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Climbing down the legs of Mrs. originality.

Tattoos are something more than just lines drawn on a body: they are the mirror of a personality. Just like someone can own a poetic spirit, an original talent or a funny attitude, tattoos can also be poetic, original, funny and much more. In this gallery you will encounter some of the funniest tattoos you’ve ever seen, real pieces of art that will make you laugh and that will also push your imagination towards new horizons.

Maybe, you will even be inspired by some of the artists you will meet as you run through the images, one by one. Colourful characters, beautiful drawings, references to famous animated series or video-games… you will even find two people who decided to play together, creating tattoos that really make sense only if you connect the lines that start on the skin of one person and end up on the body of the other (which is quite romantic if you think about it).

Anyway, have fun. This will be a wonderful, funny journey!

Small heart tattoos