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There are many famous Chinese Dragons in myth, including a dragon that guards palaces in heaven, a god dragon that controls the weather, and a dragon who leads all aquatic life.

Some Chinese Dragons are closer to giant serpents, while others are four legged scaled creatures with colorful bodies and powerful claws. Chinese Dragons tattoos are sometimes depicted as having wings like a bat, but most are wing-free, unlike the modern perception of dragons.

There are many Chinese legends that tell of Emperors being born with a birthmark in the shape of a dragon…much like a tattoo. These Emperors are sometimes born in peasant form and go on to overthrow the current dynasty and become rulers. In other stories, Emperors in hiding are identified by their dragon body art birthmark.

These legends provide the wearer of a Chinese dragon tattoo with a sense of mythical importance, not to mention a royal link!

Because many tattoos depict dragons as winged creatures, try to simulate flight with your flash. Slant the design either upwards as if taking off or downwards as if making a landing. Go for a 3-D look with shading and positioning; just make sure that both wings are visible in the design. A flying dragon looks best in a medium or smaller size, although larger ones can make for spectacular full back tattoos.