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Bull tattoos are a symbol of strength and power. They also represent determination and single mindedness. Bulls are very ferocious creatures and having one tattooed on your body would show your strength, power and determination. They are also a wonderful style statement. Listed below are a few bull tattoo suggestions that can consider for your next tattoo.


You could draw a bull with landscape around like a grassy field with a water body around. This will remove the ferocity that is generally associated with the tattoo. It would also make a lovely picture that can be the topic of a discussion.


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Horse tattoos are very much in vogue these days. This is because Chinese figures and zodiac sign tattoos are overused and are very common. On the other hand, Horse tattoos are uncommon and can make great style symbols.

Colored Horse Tattoo

You could ink yourself with a horse tattoo in various colors like blue, yellow, red and orange. Horses are animals with high stamina and strength. You could get a horse tattoo simply as a style statement or as a symbol of free spiritedness and passion.


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When we think about an unique and interesting tattoo theme, one that strikes our mind is the raven tattoo theme. Popular among both men and women, this tattoo illustrates the traits and attributes of the raven.

Mostly, ravens are always seen as ill omen, the carriers of the dead and the lost souls. These birds are believed to be the connection between life and death. Many cultures have always associated ravens with bad luck and eerie, but not to forget, raven is also the national bird of Yukon.

Raven tattoos are so captivating that one would surely love to explore more about them, when once they get introduced.

Key Raven Tattoo

This tattoo design shows the raven with a key in its beak. The vintage frame adds to the mystery. The claws are well perched. This is really classy and one would surely want to have it done


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Snakes symbolize potency, agility and the ability to rejuvenate themselves through the process of shedding their skin. Snakes have a definite aura of mystery and potency that make them a fascinating subject for tattoo artists. Snakes have been a part of tattoo art for decades now. In recent times, the snake has been reinvented in the field of tattoo art in new and unique ways.

Miniature Snake Finger Tattoo

This miniature snake finger tattoo is mostly just an example of how you can use the snake motif to inscribe ring like tattoo art to embellish your fingers. Keep it simple and trendy. However, you are free to play with your own choice of colors.


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With the fall leaves dropping, the weather getting cooler, there’s coming the best time for people to get tattoos if you consider healing more quickly, especially to get tattooed on some painful spots of the body, such as rib, collar bone and ankle. Ankle tattoos is a one of popular choices for women. It’s a place to get sexy small and tiny tattoos which is more visible to others.

There are a lot of ideas for such small and tiny tattoos to express yourself. Anchor tattoo on ankle is symbolic of stability, safety and hope. Lotus tattoo signifies purification and faithfulness in Buddhism. Most of the tattoos on ankle are of feminine appeal and portrayed in lovely and sexy styles. Tribal and artistic water color has become more and more popular nowadays.

Are you looking for examples for your next ankle tattoo? It’s right place to enjoy these pictures of beautiful ankle tattoo designs.


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The life cycle of a butterfly reminds you that time is short and we are living in a changing and transforming world. It’s a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises. Butterfly is one of favorite small tattoo ideas for women for its beautiful colors and symbolic meanings. Impressive butterfly tattoos are often portrayed in a cute and realistic 3D style.

The first meaning of the butterfly signifies transformation as the ugly caterpillar changes into the beautiful butterfly. In Japanese culture if a butterfly enters your guestroom, the person whom you most love is coming to see you. In ancient Greek the butterfly represents “Psyche”, which is translated to mean “soul”. Psyche was endlessly bonded with ‘Eros’ who’s the Greek god of love. And the two lovers were often depicted surrounded by butterflies.

In terms of placement, 3D butterfly tattoos are inked on the back, neck, shoulder of the body. For the particular representation, many of 3D butterfly tattoos are mostly portrayed as mono butterflies but in impressive designs.


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Dolphins are lovely sea creatures which are well known for their ability of communication, sociable nature and high intelligence. Dolphin is also a global ambassador of Peace on Earth. Dolphin tattoos remind people of their symbolic meanings of peace, love, compassion and kindness.

Dolphins were in our cultures and history many centuries ago. In Christianity, dolphins are symbolic of resurrection. In Greece, Dolphin may be considered a symbol of Apollo, who once took the form of a dolphin when he guided the Cretan ship to Crissa, whence, after commanding the crew to burn the ship and erect an altar to him as Apollo Delphinios.

Dolphin tattoo represents the similar meaning of dove tattoo, which is associated with love and peace. While the dove is a holy religious symbol, the dolphin is more sociable and its smiling face and lovely performance is always the reminder of laughing children.

Like other mammal animals, dolphin tattoos are often rendered in realistic style. To highlight it as a sea creature, the dolphin is often depicted in a beautiful seascape. As a popular tattoo style, dolphin tattoos are also practiced in this unique style. Dolphin tattoos are good tattoo ideas for men and women.


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Hand may be one of the most visible part of the body to get tattoo. When I see a person with a small hand tattoo, I feel there are a lot more to discover on the body of the tattoo addict. Despite of the relatively small area, you will be surprised to see a variety of incredible small tattoo designs on their hands.

Tattoos on hand are mostly eye-catching designs which are rendered in a realistic and artistic style. The human eye, vigilant owl, portrait, etc. are examples of hand tattoo ideas to draw attention. People may get tattoo to express oneself, so you may choose those idea that fits to you.


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If you’ve always felt like a queen or a king, plus you’ve always wanted a tattoo – a crown symbol is the right choice for you! Having such a strong visual appearance and oozing with symbolism, crowns have been a part of tattoo imagery for decades. As an object, crown is the emblem of a ruler, standing for his or hers dominion and sovereignty. Symbolic from the very start, it was no surprise the image translated onto the skin embellishing arts, in the form of simple or more elaborate crown signs.

Although it’s often used as an addition to complex tattoo compositions, crown tattoo can stand alone. Perceived differently by thousands of people who wear it, crowns are designed in various manners, from the simplest black stamps, to the borderline-kitchy pictures adorned with extra jewels, flowers, heart-shaped trinkets and other personally important visuals. The most usual meanings of a crown tattoo are drawn from the symbolism of royalty – whereas one sees him/herself as singled out, special, striving towards high personal goals.


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Inked on the bodies of different people, matching tattoo is a great way to show union of friends, couples, family and sisters. People love matching tattoos because they look cute and lovely, and are joint statements of infinity love. There are many designs of matching tattoos, such as cross, Celtic, zodiac sign and quotes. Each of them carries special meanings for the wearers.

Matching tattoos are normally inked on the same locations of two or more people. Sisters get small matching Tattoos to show their bonds are unbreakable; lovers get matching tattoos to show their love will go for life; friends get matching tattoos to show their true friendship


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