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Animal rights activists are often bold, passionate, and strong-willed individuals. Some even take pride in speaking up for animals by putting their beliefs on permanent display. Take a look at these photos of tattoos, belonging to some truly dedicated animal lovers with an uncompromising devotion to our furry, feathered, and scaled animal friends, and fill out the form below to submit your own!


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There are many famous Chinese Dragons in myth, including a dragon that guards palaces in heaven, a god dragon that controls the weather, and a dragon who leads all aquatic life.

Some Chinese Dragons are closer to giant serpents, while others are four legged scaled creatures with colorful bodies and powerful claws. Chinese Dragons tattoos are sometimes depicted as having wings like a bat, but most are wing-free, unlike the modern perception of dragons.

There are many Chinese legends that tell of Emperors being born with a birthmark in the shape of a dragon…much like a tattoo. These Emperors are sometimes born in peasant form and go on to overthrow the current dynasty and become rulers. In other stories, Emperors in hiding are identified by their dragon body art birthmark.

These legends provide the wearer of a Chinese dragon tattoo with a sense of mythical importance, not to mention a royal link!

Because many tattoos depict dragons as winged creatures, try to simulate flight with your flash. Slant the design either upwards as if taking off or downwards as if making a landing. Go for a 3-D look with shading and positioning; just make sure that both wings are visible in the design. A flying dragon looks best in a medium or smaller size, although larger ones can make for spectacular full back tattoos.


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Deer tattoos are loved by people for many of their symbolic meanings carried by the soft and humble animal. Dear tattoos may not present the sense of strength or protection like other animal tattoos, elephant tattoos, lion tattoos or tiger tattoos, but invoke the deep inner personality of gentleness, kindness. Deer tattoos are inked by both men and women and become more and more popular.

The deer is also linked to the art and poetry in ancient Celtic cultures due to its tender beauty and graceful lifestyle. People could always find wisdom and inspirations from the ability to live a graceful life through difficulties. In terms of placement, deer tattoos could be seen inked on different parts of body. Deer sleeve tattoos, deer chest tattoos, deer thigh tattoos, etc., are all popular choices to get this cool animal tattoos-deer tattoos.

Do you want more creative design ideas of deer tattoos? Deer tattoo could be rendered as innocent single deer portrait or loving couple, realistic style or artistic water color style.


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Human beings are fundamentally social animals, who can learn from each other and other animal species. Every type of animal may exhibit unique characteristic that can inspire humans in their lives and teach us who we really are. Wolf is such a mysterious animal which has deep connection with ones intuition and instincts. That’s why wolf tattoo becomes popular among animal tattoos.

The wolf is capable of great depth of emotion and complex social attributes, the wolf tattoos also reminds us intelligence, confidence and new journeys. As a spiritual animal, the wolf could represent a perceived threat or feeling you are being threatened. With a wolf tattoo inked on the body, people are confident in the journey of life with the spirit guide. For Native American Indians, thee wolf is a prime hunter that is very skilled and very intelligent. For this meaning, wolf tattoo is often integrated with other native Amercan’s elements, such as deamcatcher.


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Dolphins are lovely sea creatures which are well known for their ability of communication, sociable nature and high intelligence. Dolphin is also a global ambassador of Peace on Earth. Dolphin tattoos remind people of their symbolic meanings of peace, love, compassion and kindness.

Dolphins were in our cultures and history many centuries ago. In Christianity, dolphins are symbolic of resurrection. In Greece, Dolphin may be considered a symbol of Apollo, who once took the form of a dolphin when he guided the Cretan ship to Crissa, whence, after commanding the crew to burn the ship and erect an altar to him as Apollo Delphinios.

Dolphin tattoo represents the similar meaning of dove tattoo, which is associated with love and peace. While the dove is a holy religious symbol, the dolphin is more sociable and its smiling face and lovely performance is always the reminder of laughing children.

Like other mammal animals, dolphin tattoos are often rendered in realistic style. To highlight it as a sea creature, the dolphin is often depicted in a beautiful seascape. As a popular tattoo style, dolphin tattoos are also practiced in this unique style. Dolphin tattoos are good tattoo ideas for men and women.


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Wolf tattoos are very common amongst today’s youth. There are innumerable designs for these and it is thus very difficult to decide which one you should get done! Each design symbolizes a different meaning or emotion. The wolf tattoo like any other animal tattoos symbolizes the traits of the wolf. It may represent either the good qualities of the wolf, like its loyalty, strength, sharpness etc or its association with evil, in folklore. Either way, you must do your research before getting a wolf tattoo design.


The outline of just the wolf face is also a common wolf design. The shape can be the native American depiction of the wolf or the Celtic or the tribal one.


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Tattoos generally symbolize a specific meaning. Animal tattoos are great tattoos to get if you want your tattoo to hold a specific meaning. Each animal conveys something different. They are not gender specific and can be imprinted on any part of the body.

Peacock tattoo

Peacocks are very charming and beautiful creatures. They represent beauty, dignity, pride and self assurance. Peacocks have a variety of colours on them which make tattooing them a lot of fun. This is indeed a gorgeous being to tattoo on oneself. One could also tattoo a peacock feather if tattooing an entire peacock seems too much.



Snakes are slithery and dangerous beings. They can injure humans with just one bite. Snake bites can be poisonous and fatal. Snakes are therefore tattoos which convey danger and fierceness of character.


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Bull tattoos are a symbol of strength and power. They also represent determination and single mindedness. Bulls are very ferocious creatures and having one tattooed on your body would show your strength, power and determination. They are also a wonderful style statement. Listed below are a few bull tattoo suggestions that can consider for your next tattoo.


You could draw a bull with landscape around like a grassy field with a water body around. This will remove the ferocity that is generally associated with the tattoo. It would also make a lovely picture that can be the topic of a discussion.


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Horse tattoos are very much in vogue these days. This is because Chinese figures and zodiac sign tattoos are overused and are very common. On the other hand, Horse tattoos are uncommon and can make great style symbols.

Colored Horse Tattoo

You could ink yourself with a horse tattoo in various colors like blue, yellow, red and orange. Horses are animals with high stamina and strength. You could get a horse tattoo simply as a style statement or as a symbol of free spiritedness and passion.


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