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Hit Celebrity Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

Have you been fascinated by diversified celebrity hairstyles which always hit the headlines of public press? Are you longing for achieving stylish style modeling without the limitation of thin hair or hair loss? Now various types of hair extensions, such as clip in hair extensions and hair weaves, can absolutely realize your expectations.
Among various materials used for producing these products, human hair should be the best choice since as quick hair-tools, human hair extensions allow you to pull off a variety of desirable hairstyles in a few minutes without any damage to your real hair. Since a large number of female celebrities feel much inclined to drawing assistance from various human hair extensions, these people who are extremely fascinated by celebrity hairstyles can also achieve those chic style modeling with such quick hair-tools.

As is known to all, Katy Perry usually stuns public media with her landmark style of rockin’ black locks or blue hair. At the premiere of ‘The Smurfs’ in New York City, Katy Perry wowed the public with honey-hued ringlets naturally falling upon her shoulders. Matched well with her sexy hair, sweetheart dress and the pink lipstick give full play to the whole charming style modeling. Honey blonde hair extensions can allow you to achieve this hairstyle within 15 minutes.

As an advocator of hair extensions, Kim Kardashian usually attends various occasions with gorgeous hairstyle modeling through applying them. At ‘Noon by Noor’ Launch Event held at Sunset Tower Hotel, Kim Kardishian made a center part and loose waves in her long dark hair. Soft locks falling upon her shoulders framed her facial features perfectly. Medium reddish brown wavy hair extensions can bring you such enticing and elegant hairstyle.

At the premiere of ‘The Smurfs’ in New York City, Olivia Palermo complemented her demure and graceful ensemble with a medium wavy cut. Such a shoulder-length hair cut went well with her elegant style. Chestnut brown hair weaves can allow you to achieve this demure style.

Tare Moss attended the 9th Annual Astra Awards on July 21 with a fabulous long straight cut. Matched well with her sultry beaded gown, golden blonde locks set off her charming and refined style entirely. Golden blonde clip in hair extensions can do great help to pull off this provocative hairstyle.

Girls, just pull off these sexy hairs with the help of hair extensions and become the foreground of public attention.

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How to Treat Damaged and Extremely Fried Hair

Women can damage their hair by using heat styling tools, getting chemical treatments, exposing it to the sun and wind and not getting regular haircuts. Damaged hair looks dull, frizzy, thin and brittle. While extremely damaged hair may be difficult to repair, it is possible to manage it and, in some cases, to restore damaged hair to its normal state with the proper treatment.

Stop the main causes of your hair damage, such as chemical coloring, blow-drying, or straightening. If you must blow-dry your hair, use the lowest heat setting to minimize damage. If you have to straighten your hair, only use a flat iron with ceramic plates. Always apply a spray or serum that contains dimethicone before you use a heat styling tool to protect your hair from damage.

Take a daily vitamin supplement rich in B-vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, sulfur, silica, zinc and beta-carotene. According to Dr. George Obikoya, “a high-quality liquid multivitamin supplies the body with the proper amino acids, vitamins and minerals that you may not be receiving in your diet to help create beautiful hair.”

Cut your hair if the damage is severe enough. This may be a drastic change for you, but once the damaged part of your hair is cut, it will grow back healthier. Hair is unable to grow if the ends are constantly splitting.

Give your hair an olive oil treatment once a week. The best way to use olive oil on your hair is to make a conditioner out of it. Pour about 1/2 cup olive oil into a small bowl and heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds. Apply small amounts of olive oil at a time to your hair until your hair is completely covered with oil. Let the olive oil sit in your hair for about 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo.

Do not wash your hair with shampoo as often. Washing your hair too much sucks out the moisture your body produces to keep your hair healthy. If you hair gets dirty quickly, use a gentle shampoo or dilute your regular shampoo.

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Rosy cheeks this fall

Remember this beautiful bride from the canoe elopement? I was really taken by her rosy cheeks, so Toby and I walked over to Sephora to see the Mata Hari blush in person. It’s a beautiful mix of pink and crimson, and one great thing is that you don’t need much other makeup when you have flushed cheeks. I’ve been pairing it with chapstick for that just-walked-inside-from-the-cold look. Do you ever wear blush? I’d definitely recommend this one…

P.S. Navy nails.

(Photo by Jon Zander)

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